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Civil War Days at the Mahon Ranch

Friday, April 30 - Sunday, May 2, 2021

at the

Mahon Ranch

10171 Grantline Road, Elk Grove, 95624

Link to Google map here

The Elk Grove Historical Society, the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation, and the Native Sons of the Golden West invite you to come and experience real live history. Civil War re-enactors from all over the country will ascend on the Mahon Ranch to stage a common battle scenario to give on lookers an idea on what the times were like in those chaotic days. The actors will eat, drink, sleep, and stay in character the entire weekend and have studied the war and their characters.

They want to give you a realistic idea of what life was like then. Many are history teachers and historians who want to share their knowledge with anyone who would listen. You are welcome to roam the encampments, ask questions, view the different tents, but stay away from the battlefield! It can get noisy and exciting, just like the real times.

Friday is set up for school classes to come visit and learn. So, consider coming by. This is our first year and we hope we can build on it.

Peter Glann – 2016 Memorial Day Story – Civil War Veteran

Since its inception, the Linda Mae Mahon Foundation has researched and developed a local area Veteran story for presentation at the Memorial Day Ceremony produced each year by the Elk Grove Cosumnes Cemetery District. We began this tradition in 2016 by presenting the story of Peter Glann, a Civil War Veteran.

Peter arrived in California from Ohio shortly before the Civil War to join his two brothers in running their vast agricultural operations in and around Elk Grove. When war broke out, Peter enlisted in the California Calvary Regiment of the Union Army. His story is unique and compelling because he was wounded in an engagement with Rebels in Arizona, just over the California border. The engagement at Picacho Peak was the westernmost battle of the American Civil War.

Listen to Peter Glann's Story here

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