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About Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation

About Linda

Linda Mae Mahon was born February 23, 1947 and grew up on her family Ranch in Elk Grove which was established in 1882 by her great-grandparents. Her great-great-grandparents were the first in her family to settle in Elk Grove in 1848. Throughout her life she was fortunate enough to have elders who not only appreciated their heritage and their ancestors but also spent a tremendous amount of time and effort preserving and passing on stories, photographs and artifacts from the past to their descendants.

Continuing this legacy became a life-long passion for Linda. She was always interested in hearing the stories of pioneer families and took great pride in remembering and relating these stories every chance she had; which she did until September 29, 2015. After a short but strong fight, Linda passed away from a very rare and extremely aggressive form of Thyroid Cancer. As a way to honor her and keep her passion thriving, her family and friends have established the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation.

About the Foundation
The Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public California corporation (ID: 81-1086648), with a mission to:

Research, document, record and preserve, present and publish
the personal stories and family histories of the greater area of Elk Grove

History into the Future


The Foundation will accomplish this mission by:

  • Recording the oral histories of pioneer families, then entrusting them to the Elk Grove Historical Society.

  • Producing a series of podcasts, videos and live performances which we’ll glean from the recordings in order to bring the history of Elk Grove to life for educational and entertainment purposes. 

  • Creating a high school Fellowship Program which will allow students to participate in the production of the podcasts, videos, and live performances.  Interns will gain insight into the significance of their local history and the creative and technical process of producing this content. 

  • Working with local entities to establish “The Greater Elk Grove History Week”.

  • Having an annual fundraising dinner and obtaining business sponsorships throughout the year.

  • The Foundation is actively scheduling recording sessions. Please contact us at any time to schedule your session. 

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