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Preparing for a Recording Session

The Foundation is actively scheduling recording sessions. Please contact us at any time to schedule your session. To assist you in your preparation, we’ve outlined the following to stimulate your memories. Please don’t feel limited to these thoughts.

  • History of the Family in the Greater Elk Grove Area:

    • When the family settled here

    • When and how they came here

    • When and where they first settled in the U.S., if not in Elk Grove

    • Interesting stories about their travels, people they met, things they saw and did

    • Their professions / occupations / farms or ranches / businesses

    • Any references to buildings, locations, businesses, schools, churches, etc. in Elk Grove

  • Remembrances of Main Street Elk Grove, the Slough House area, the Delta area the Franklin area, the Florin area, the Dillard area – or any area which may be long-since forgotten

    • Businesses, ranches and farms

    • Schools and churches

    • Interesting happenings which distinguished the area and of which people talked about

    • Local icons / character stories

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