Schools & Cemeteries

Two essential community attributes often found adjacent to each other were one-room schools and cemeteries. This was a practical approach for setting aside land and facilitating upkeep and maintenance of these pieces of vital infrastructure.

J. Lambdin & D. Gale

In 2018, Jonathan Lambdin and Deborah Gale gave the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation an account of the history and future of the Elk Grove Cosumnes Cemetery District and its six historic cemeteries, including an overview of the purpose and vision of the district. Along the way, they share a bit of history about how windmill blades were used as grave markers and many other interesting and little-known facts about the district.

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EGUSD by Arlene Hein & Elizabeth Pinkerton

In the spring of 2018, Arlene Hein and Elizabeth Pinkerton met with the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation to discuss early schools of the area and how the creation of the Elk Grove Unified School District in 1959 dramatically affected the communities of the area.

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Rhoads School by School Alumnae

In early summer 2018, current members of the Elk Grove Book Club and sons and daughters of the founding members of the Book Club chatted with Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation about the story of the Book Club. Established in 1937, the Book Club is one of the oldest, continuously operating book clubs in the country. Current members were Maureen Gormley, Larkin Morse Penrose, and Marsh Green Holmes. The sons and daughters were Margaret Costello Ehlers, Mary Etta Costello Hamzawi, Carolyn Costello Flood, Oscar Mix, David Sperry, and George Beitzel.

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Schools and Cemeteries by George Beitzel

In May 2016, George Beitzel shared several stories of the Cosumnes River Valley. In this episode, he discusses schools and cemeteries of the area.

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Sloughhouse Cemetery Tour by Roberta Tanner

On a crisp spring day in 2018, Roberta Tanner of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers gave the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation a walking tour of the pioneer Slough House Cemetery. Roberta was extremely informative about the history of the cemetery and of the many notable people who are at rest in the oldest pioneer cemetery in Northern California.

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