Join Us at the Mahon Ranch Hops and Brew Fest!

In 1882 John Mahon came out to the Cosumnes River valley to raise hops after growing them for many years on the American River near present day Cal Expo. In the Garden of the World, a biographical account of early pioneers written in 1890, he is listed as one of the largest hop growers in the county. His next door neighbor, Sam Hoover is also listed as a hop grower with a vague reference to when he started growing them, leaving one to wonder if he learned the craft from John Mahon who was an expert in the field. The sandy loam soils and unique microclimate along the Cosumnes River bottomland are perfect for growing the fragrant buds and will lend a unique flavor to the brew that we can truly    P O Box 2104, Elk Grove, CA 95759-2104   916-685-4918              

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