Sheldon VAPA Students Meet

Something exciting happened on the night of the Inaugural Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation Dinner on October 1. Two groups of students of the Sheldon High School Visual and Performing Arts program met for the first time and instantly connected. One group was alumni of the VAPA program, who artfully and expertly performed a radio play reading at the dinner, which was the highlight of the evening. The other group was current VAPA students who were there to help out with the activities of the event. After the play reading, the two groups went to a quiet location at the venue, where the alumni conducted an impromptu mentoring session with the students. The alumni shared their views on how the stu

Coasters Given as Dinner Mementos

The party favors given out to attendees of the Inaugural Foundation Dinner on October 1st were a unique and touching memento of the evening. Each guest was given a drink coaster which was hand crafted from specially selected hardwoods from naturally downed branches of the Osage Orange, Olive, Valley Oak, Black Locust, Red Willow, Ash and Buckeye trees found on the Mahon Ranch in Elk Grove. These handpicked wedges of aged wood were emblazoned with the personal livestock brand of the Foundation namesake, Linda Mae Mahon Lema. The brand is identical to that used on the Ranch since 1920 by her father, her brothers and the Mahon Family Partnership.

Foundation Premiere Dinner Event

The inaugural dinner for the Linda Mae Mahon Lema Foundation was held at Miner's Leap Winery in Clarksburg, California on Saturday October 1, 2016 and was attended by 175 members of the community. Read the entire article and listen to selected recordings of the event here.

LMML partners with Sheldon High School

We are excited to announce that the LMML Foundation is collaborating with the Sheldon High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy within the Elk Grove Unified School District to launch our Student Fellowship Program. This program will allow students to participate in the production of the upcoming podcasts and performances of the LMML Foundation, which will highlight historical moments in Elk Grove for educational purposes. Student Fellows will be able to apply their participation in these projects towards community service and Senior Projects. Through participation, Student Fellows will gain insight into the significance of their local history and the creative and technical process of p

Greater Elk Grove Area History Week

Great news! The Boards of Directors of both the LMML Foundation and the Elk Grove Historical Society have adopted resolutions to designate the last week in September as the “Greater Elk Grove Area History Week.” Together, the two organizations will work to collaborate with and secure designations from the County of Sacramento, the City of Elk Grove, the Elk Grove Unified School District, the Cosumnes Community Services District, the Old Towne Merchants, and the Elk Grove Cosumnes Cemetery District to plan and present a variety of historical-based activities during the Greater Elk Grove Area History Week. We are absolutely thrilled to begin work on this brand new event for the community.

LMML begins work with Mrs. Elizabeth Pinkerton

We are pleased to announce that the LMML Foundation is in the initial stages of working with long-time teacher, school administrator, historian, author, and recent recipient of the Key to Elk Grove, Mrs. Elizabeth Pinkerton. In the process of her decades of research and writing, Mrs. Pinkerton has amassed nearly 200 recordings of interviews and statements from local individuals and families. We are exploring ways to not only produce written transcripts of those recordings, but also to use the recordings to create podcasts and live performances based on the rich history they tell. We couldn’t be more excited and appreciative to be working with Mrs. Pinkerton in this venture. #Eductation    P O Box 2104, Elk Grove, CA 95759-2104   916-685-4918              

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